We are sorry to report the death of Joyce Peters, widow of Bob.
She died not long after her 90th birthday.
She had been a long-serving member of the Methodist Church,
not just at St Martins, but from the days of the old Methodist Church in South Street.

Her funeral was at St Martin's on February 28.


This event will be back at Sandown Park (Esher) later in 2019
Tuesday October 15 to Thursday October 17

Pastoral Care at St. Martin's Church and Centre

Life sometimes delivers severe blows and problems that are just too much to cope with on your own.
The Church and Christian Centre are here to support you and the community of Dorking both pastorally and spiritually.
If you need somebody to talk to in complete confidence, for whatever reason, we are here to help.
The Church Pastoral team has three trained and authorised Pastoral Assistants and two Methodist Pastoral Visitors,
all of whom are experienced and can offer understanding and prayerful support.
The Christian Centre offers a drop-in Listening Service on Monday mornings in the Centre Café (10:30 - 12:00).
The Chaplain is usually available on Monday mornings plus variable other weekday mornings,
but you may prefer to make an appointment to see her via the Centre Managers.
One of our Monday morning Listeners is also a trained Counsellor (UPCA registered) and she can offer private appointments on request for counselling.


Val (our previous Minister) has finished her term on Fiji,
and now serves as a Minister at Boston in Lincolnshire.

Rev. William (Bill) Murphy

Bill died on 13 November 2012, aged 82. He was Superintendent Minister at Dorking in the 1980s.

We salute his memory, and know he would like continued support for the Karibuni Trust:
Stoke Mandeville Methodist Church, Eskdale Road, Stoke Mandeville, HP22 5UJ










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