Where is 2017 going? It is slightly awesome how quickly the months have gone and O what has happened in the world over the last three to four months is almost scary.

Hurricane Irma, the earth quake in Mexico, mud slides and floods in Bangladesh and other countries plus the Hurricane Maria. What next I ask? The damage and devastation which has occurred in the Caribbean makes us realize God’s power is far greater than man’s.

Is it the sign of the times?? The Bible predicts that these natural occurrences will happen and that wars will occur.

“When you hear of wars and rumours of wars, do not be alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains”. (Mark 13:7-8)

We pray for all the people who have suffered loss, their loved ones, their homes and all their belongings from either war, natural disasters or catastrophic accidents such as the Grenville Tower fire. We do also pray that Hurricane Maria will not cause too much devastation and that it will become downgraded to just a ‘storm’.

Life at The Christian Centre is much the same. Our regular Café Guests continue to use the Café and there are many good activities such as the Chair Exercises, Pilatus and Table Tennis. We must thank all the people who are standing to act as chef whilst Veronica our main chef continues to be off sick, due to an accident whilst on holiday earlier in the year. We thank especially Michelle, John, Sue, Elizabeth and Hayley for standing in and cooking such delicious meals over these past months. We are planning to recruit another chef whilst our main chef Veronica is off sick.

Some of the folks who visit The Christian Centre are quite poorly. One lady has had open heart surgery, someone very ill at home, another lady has had a second stroke and who remains in Epsom Hospital plus others recovering from falls. I have visited all these people and it is a privilege to do this as well as working alongside the St Martin’s Church Pastoral Assistants. Special prayers are said for these dear people on a regular basis.

‘Holiday at Home’ in August seems to have been a great success thanks to the well organized co-ordination by Chris Curry from the United Reformed Church. There were some very good trips put on like Canterbury, a Horse Drawn Barge trip along the River Wey and a trip round the Surrey Hills. The meals were held at The Christian Centre based on ‘Country’ themes namely Italy, France, Wales, India and Scotland and they were excellent. Our grateful thanks go to chef Steve and his wife Liz for providing meals ‘par excellence’ and served in such an efficient timely way. Incidentally Steve and Liz are going to be cooking our Christmas Lunch at The Centre this coming December (2017) so do think about coming, but please book early!

Please keep the session on ‘Mindfulness’ on your radar system! Dates will be circulated around in the very near future but the proposed date is Monday 06 November 2017 2:30 – 4:00 pm. As aforesaid in the September Magazine Suzette Jones who works with the Guildford Diocese will be taking the session

Is anyone interested in a Prayer Walk round the town? My thought is to start in St. Martin’s Walk, then West Street, South Street followed by the High Street, possibly moving on to the stations in due course (not all on one day I hasten to add!) It will be a ‘first’ for me but I am game to give it a go! November and/or early December is when I am thinking of doing this and we could have a prayer station on Gala night. I will be circulating some information to the shops prior to our Prayer Walk so it gives time for them to think about any support or prayer that they might need.

The Christian Centre now has a new service which is called The Community Fridge. It has been initiated and set up by Clare Davies and is one of the first in the country. Waitrose supply us with ‘in date’ nearing ‘out of date’ food e.g. bread, cakes, and fruit which is collected on a daily basis by volunteers. Anyone who works in or visits The Centre can help themselves to this food (donations gratefully received).

The Listening Service is on Thursday morning only 10:30 – 12midday as we now only have one Listener (Diana Burgess), plus the Centre Chaplain, Rowan. If anyone requires a ‘listening ear’ on other days please contact the Chaplain on 01306 886830 or 07706 041339.

We urgently need more Listeners so we can provide a daily listening service. If anyone is interested please contact Rowan the Centre Chaplain (see numbers above)

Advent looms as does Christmas!! Let us remember as Christians that as we live in this rather chaotic world with all the wars, natural disasters, famines and also Brexit, our ‘citizenship’ is in heaven and we have a heavenly eternal hope beyond this earthly life.

May God bless you all as we head towards the end of 2017.

Rowan Nunnerley (Centre Chaplain)
Contact details: 01306 886830 or 07706 041339





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