December 2017 is here already! - the last month in 2017. Where has this year gone?

The Christian Centre has been kept busy, lunches being extremely popular in particular. The standard of meals is excellent, thanks to our current team of cooks. Veronica our main chef still remains off-sick and we pray for God’s continuing healing hand upon her.

The session on ‘Mindfulness’ was received well which was held on the 6th November 2017. Suzette Jones from the Guildford Diocese is planning to hold six evening sessions at St. Paul’s Church in February and March 2018. Bookings are being taken by the St. Paul’s office staff.

Sadly another our our regular Café guests (Harold) at The Centre passed away a week last Wednesday and his funeral is to be held at Randall’s Crematorium, Leatherhead on Thursday the 23rd November 2017. Harold was always seen around the town with his little haversack. He attended the United Reform Church, West Street and often came to the Women’s Fellowship on a Tuesday afternoon, in spite of being the only gentleman! He will be missed.

Other Café guests remain poorly, some in hospital, others waiting for a place in a Nursing Home.

The Advent Bible Sessions have just started this last Wednesday (15/11/17). The theme is entitled ‘My Beloved Son’ and is based on a study book written by Assistant Bishop Michael Baughen from the Guildford Diocese. The study uses the book of Hebrews and focuses on Jesus the Son of God, as He is now, today and in eternity. The letter of Hebrews can be divided into three parts:-

1. God’s Unique Word

2. Christ’s Perfect Work

3. Our obedient response

Believers here in Hebrews are called to a life of:-

Steadfast Hope

Courageous Faith

Mutual Love


The remaining four Advent Bible Sessions are on 22nd November (Our Secure Hope), 29th November (Once and for All), 6th December (Looking to Jesus) and 13th December (Fellowship and Prayer).


Let us be encouraged that Jesus is no longer in the manger – He is risen and alive today, seated at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven. Jesus is the Son of God Himself in the glory and the presence: “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory”. God has made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ. We too can radiate Jesus in our lives in the way we behave and react with people or situations. Let us shine for Jesus this Christmas in a way we have never been bold enough to do before.


We have an Advent Hope to share with people.




Bible Sessions - 22/11/17, 29/11/17, 06/12/17, 13/11/17
(Wednesdays 10:30-12:00) All welcome and it is not too late to join us

Christmas Day Lunch - 25 December 2017 at The Christian Centre

(11am – mincepies and coffee)
(1pm – 3:30pm – lunch, music, quiz, Queen’s Speech, mince pies!)
- Bookings to be made with Centre Managers on:- 01306 886830




The Christian Centre urgently needs Listeners and Volunteers


Listeners:- 10:30 – 12 midday (Monday to Friday)

Contact Rowan, Centre Chaplain on 01306 886830 (09:00 – 14:30) or 07706 041339


Volunteers:- Contact Centre Managers on 01306 886830 (09:00 – 14:30)




I would like to say thank you to everyone who has made my first year as Centre Chaplain so enjoyable and rewarding.




I wish you all every blessing over this Christmas time and the New Year of 2018, especially knowing some of you may be sad and/or lonely. Come and join us this Christmas Day at The Centre – don’t be on your own!


Rowan Nunnerley (Centre Chaplain)

Contact details: 01306 886830 or 07706 041339












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